Set up a free consultation to discuss your project. We'll talk to you about your project so we can get a full understanding of the scope of work that's involved. Set up a free consultation by contacting us here

Budget analysis

Let's talk about whether or not we feel we can accomplish your goals with the given budgetary restraints.

Builder selection

Decide whether we will use our affiliate company to build your project, or whether you will choose to bring another builder into the mix.

Shematic design

Let's start brainstorming on your site! This is the time to look at the site as a blank canvas and "listen" to what it's trying to tell us to build on it!

Design development

Let's take the preliminary design work and delve a little deeper...


Time for the technical stuff...this is the stage where we create a set of Construction Documents (CDs) for permit. This is when we will be meeting with various consultants.

Value engineering

Let's take another look and see if there are any places to save money...


Time to bring our work to the AHJ (Area Having Jurisdiction) over your project to pull a permit to allow construction to commence.


Time to see the design come out of the ground!