Technology allows us to design more responsibly

HWA uses drones (see drone footage to the right) to capture views from our project sites at certain heights off the ground to show us the best view corridors for the home. This allows us to create windows, balconies, and openings that will always face the best views. For example: if we are planning a 3-story home on open water, we will set the drone height to the eye level of a person standing on the on level two based on our calculations and then discover places that we need to focus on for views.

HWA also uses computer models for all of our projects. What does this mean to you? Well, it means that instead of looking at a floor plan drawn with 2-D linework, you will be able to look at 3-dimensional animations and renderings of what your home will look like before its built. We also have the ability (if you don't get motion sick!) to use virtual reality to allow you to put on a headset and virtually walk through your home in the computer environment.

Computer models also allow us to easily change colors and materiality in real-time to show our clients how the same design can have a myriad of different looks.

Drone footage from our HWA drone!

The purpose of the drone is to study a site from different angles, heights, and locations on a given site. Typically we set the drone heights on different levels of a prospective building in order to determine the best floor plan layout for the parcel.

Our 3-D computer models are "built" in the computer realm to a fraction of an inch. They allow us to study materiality, spatial relationships, colors, and fenestration. They also allow us to take away any surprises that a client may experience upon completion of a project.