HWA designs imaginative architecture

Our focus is dealing with unique/site-specific residential typologies. We have the ability to take our visions worldwide.

Value Engineering

We utilize building techniques that are common to the locale of the project. By following this methodology, contractors are able to readily find crews and materials to handle the construction of our designs. We also keep a close eye on value-engineering during the structural phase of our projects. For example: we will try to use a wood, CMU, or concrete beam instead of a steel beam wherever possible to cut down on structural expense.


HWA Architecture is not a construction company…HOWEVER…it is an affiliate company of Homeworks Builders. What does this mean to you? It means that, if you’d like, HWA could design your dream home and Homeworks Builders can build it for you. The whole concept behind HWA Architecture was to create a way for clients to be able to have a “one-stop-shop”…where they can hire a Licensed Architct to design their home and have a Licensed builder construct their home. Furthermore, we have an affiliate Interior Design company called DI Home that can take the interior of your dream home to the next level. We have the capability and expertise to design a house from scratch and then make it so when it's time to move in, all you need is your toothbrush: The home will be fully furnished.

Having said this, please know that HWA will always welcome the opportunity to work with other trusted builders. If you (our valued client) already have a contractor that you'd like to work with and are simply requiring the services of an architecture firm, we'd love to collaborate! We just wanted to give our clients the option of having all of the necessary services under one roof if at all possible.

HWA is a full-service, licensed architectural firm

For one thing, please make sure that when you’re looking into architectural firms for your next project, that you are indeed looking at a Licensed architect. There are many companies that use words like, “architectural”, “architectural design”, “architecture”…and they are not licensed companies. Always check on the website to make sure you see a License Number. In the State of Florida, it is actually a $150k fine for unlicensed companies to use the words above on their marketing material because it misleads the general public into thinking that they are indeed architects…

Furthermore, we urge you to verify that a license is real (and active) by checking with your state’s Board of Architecture. To verify the license of David Seth Balber, please click the link below to run a search with the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design.

HWA is a Licensed architectural firm. We have the experience, staff, and talent to bring your dreams to life.

We also take a very hands-on approach to all of our projects. Our clients will work directly with the managing Principal, as David Balber manages every project that comes through the door. This in itself is a very important thing to keep in mind as most firms would typically have project managers working with you on your project.


HWA Architecture is run by David Balber, RA, NCARB. David's work has been featured in numerous publication, won countless design awards, and David himself has been featured on radio spots discussing current trends in residential architecture. His architectural career started in 1998 when he began attending the University of Florida for his Master of Architecture degree.

David personally manages all projects that come through the doors and heads a team of trusted MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) consultants as well as Structural, Civil, and Geotechnical engineers.


We are extremely passionate about bringing the highest level of quality to all of our clients. Our core competencies cover: design, structural integrity, life-safety issues, water intrusion, and avoiding pitfalls before they happen by studying all of our projects in the computer realm before they’re built.

Best Practices

As design professionals, we are constantly honing our craft. We take our standard of care very seriously to all of our clients.

Computer Modeling

We believe strongly in using technology to take the guesswork out of construction. Every project that HWA gets involved in is "built" in the computer realm to create a 3-D version of the home to allow our clients to see what the end result will be before we break ground. To learn more about how we use technology, please click the link below.

Your home, your style...

We design all of our projects based on our clients' desired design aesthetic. If you are unsure about which style you're drawn to, here is a small sample list of some popular styles: